About Us

Welcome to Kuksonia LLC
A store that trully believes,that size is just a number.
All our shoes are from size 3-4 up to sizes 16-17 in some cases 18-19 and even 20  all handmade and we are really proud of this.

I wear a big size too (16) my wife wears a (14) and we both know very well how hard is to find a pair of shoes that not just only fits,but also matches our style and personality.
Usually though,and that's always a big dissapointment,we have to be happy if we find something that just simply fits....

Kuksonia LLC entire store is a tall section,a short section,an average section...
To say this in a better way,Kuksonia LLC is a store for all women no matter what size they wear.

Our high quality bags are original designs also handmade crafted with care and love and we hope soon to start a section for men bags too..

Our biggest goal and ambition is to always provide high quallity combined with affordable prices,many options for many different styles in a friendly enviroment that understands your needs,best of support in every aspect,always there to help,always making sure our customers having a great experience.

"Being the best is great, you're the number one. Being unique is greater, you're the only one." 

Peace and Love

Kuksonia LLC Team.