Things you need to know about E-Bikes (beginners guide)

What is the difference between an Electric Bike and a regular analog Bike.
Well not a huge difference between them.
You're still going to have everything you'd have on a regular normal analog Bike, but on an E-Bike you'll going to have some extra features.You have the pedal assist motor, you have the battery to power the motor and you have the head unit to control the output.
Pedal assist means you're still gonna be pedaling the Bike, but you get an extra boost.


Types of motor.
There is generally two types of motors.
A mid drive motor and a hub drive motor.
The mid drive motor is in the middle of the frame between the pedals, and the hub drive motor which is going to sit  in the middle of the rear or front weel.
There is not a huge ammount of difference between the two motors to be honest, hub mounted motor Bikes they tend to start at a lower price point, and they are good for urban riding, commuter Bikes where you riding on the road in areas that don't have big numbers of hills, with a mid mounted motor to be a little more balanced in terms of their weight distribution, to be great for  off road riding and riding through a lot of hills.

How you actually ride an E-Bike.
It is simple as riding a normal analog Bike.
What you've got to do what you would normally do on a regular Bike, you still gonna pedal like you normally would,you still have your gears and  brakes the only difference is you have the control unit.
The control unit has an on button and on there on display you're gonna see what speed you're doing, how much battery you've got left and what mode you are in.
There is a plus and a minus button on the control unit that's going to navigate you through the different modes (Eco at the bottom and all the way through up to turbo mode).
Eco mode will give you the least ammount of power assistance but is going to last the longest,turbo mode will gonna give you the most power but isn't gonna last so long so you're not going to want to have that on all the time.

Charge the battery.
And pedal away.

Peace and Love!

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