Ride Your E-Bike Safely

How To Ride Your E-Bike Safely (For Beginers).

Owning an E-Bike means you can go further and ride faster, and you'll give you access to a new world of fun and adventure.
Here are some things you should know if you're ready to hop on for your first ride.

E-Bikes have heavier frames than normal bikes, and they move faster.
More power,faster and heavier, mean you'll need more time to react once you get moving.
It's better getting used to your E-Bike's lower settings first, before you ramp up to the fastest setting.

(KSN17 E-Bike)

E-Bikes have stronger brakes than you might be used to.
E-bikes have disc brakes which offer more more precision more control and more power.
Practise lowering your speed gradually when you're riding your new E-Bike,brake with both front and rear evenly and never grab just the front brake lever.

Remember: E-Bikes look a lot like normal Bikes.
This means that when drivers or other people see you they probably not expect you to be cruising at 20 or 25 miles per hour.
So it's very important to pay attention to your surroundings.
Always be mindful of your speed when you riding in a crowded area.
Slow down and ring your bell when you approaching other people like joggers, other riders or just people that might be out enjoying their day.
Understand the traffic laws in your area and always wear a helmet.


Hope on your E-Bike and have fun!


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