Advice for Maintaining an Electric Bike

Advice for Maintaining an Electric Bike

What can you do at home.


Keep your battery maintained,charge your battery.


Tire pressure

You got to keep your tire pressure maintained and bicycles lose tire pressure very quickly.
Even changing temperature can deflate the tire over time.
Make sure you read in your manual,or on the side of the tire how much pressure you should have in there.
Every two or three weeks or at least once a month you gotta check your pressure or it will start affect the range the performance the handling etc.



Next your chain.

You can maintain your chain at home.
You wanna keep your chain clean and you wanna keep it lubricated.
You've gotta clean the chain, and then you've gotta lube the chain.
And when lubing the chain a lot of leftover lube will end up on the sprocket and in the derailleur.
You need to use a product that is lubricant-based and not a penetrant.
Penetrating oil is to clean the chain but always make sure you follow up with lubricant.


Make sure it's tightened down and clamped.

When you prepping your bike and you getting it out of the box.
Check if your bottom bracket and crankset bolts are tight.
Check those with an Allen wrench and make sure they 're tighten up.
You as the owner of the bike should be checking that once in a while.

Tools to always have with you.
Allen wrench set,tire irons, patch kit a mini pump and equally inportant a cell phone.


These are some things you can do at home to maintain your E-Bike.
Some might seem to be a"no-brainer" but keep these simple things in mind in order to keep your E-bike in good condition.

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