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Ride Your E-Bike Safely

How To Ride Your E-Bike Safely (For Beginers). Owning an E-Bike means you can go further and ride faster, and you'll give you access to a new world of fun and adventure.Here are some things you should know if you're ready to hop on for your first ride.E-Bikes have heavier frames than normal bikes, and they move faster.More power,faster and heavier, mean you'll need more time to react once you get moving.It's better getting used to your E-Bike's lower settings first, before you ramp up to the fastest setting. (KSN17 E-Bike) E-Bikes have stronger brakes than you might be used to.E-bikes have disc brakes which offer more more precision more control and more power.Practise lowering your speed gradually when you're...

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Things you need to know about E-Bikes (beginners guide)

What is the difference between an Electric Bike and a regular analog Bike.Well not a huge difference between them.You're still going to have everything you'd have on a regular normal analog Bike, but on an E-Bike you'll going to have some extra features.You have the pedal assist motor, you have the battery to power the motor and you have the head unit to control the output.Pedal assist means you're still gonna be pedaling the Bike, but you get an extra boost.   Types of motor.There is generally two types of motors.A mid drive motor and a hub drive motor.The mid drive motor is in the middle of the frame between the pedals, and the hub drive motor which is going...

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Advice for Maintaining an Electric Bike

Advice for Maintaining an Electric Bike What can you do at home. Battery Keep your battery maintained,charge your battery.   Tire pressure You got to keep your tire pressure maintained and bicycles lose tire pressure very quickly.Even changing temperature can deflate the tire over time.Make sure you read in your manual,or on the side of the tire how much pressure you should have in there.Every two or three weeks or at least once a month you gotta check your pressure or it will start affect the range the performance the handling etc.   Next your chain. You can maintain your chain at home.You wanna keep your chain clean and you wanna keep it lubricated.You've gotta clean the chain, and then...

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